A place for clans to post news, schedule matches, and find all the resources needed to be the best.
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 PLEASE READ! (New Users)

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PostSubject: PLEASE READ! (New Users)   Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:15 am

1. Keep the download section clean. Name the thread after the map, post updates in the same thread and please include screenshots.
2. Keep the dumb shit in "Off-Topic".
3. Keep the clan threads in the clan area. I will register a Sub-forum for any serious clans so you can have your own area.
4. No "Pr0n" in the Gallery. This is an all ages forum.
5. Be helpful to your fellow Ace or Deuce.
6. I will put screenshots up for the existing maps when I can, but I wouldn't mind help. Smile

ps. If you just cant seem to find the sights, look in the gallery.

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PLEASE READ! (New Users)
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